10 October 2022



INNOVATION has been the lifeblood of P&G’s growth for close to two centuries. From candles to soap, to the first soap opera, to Tide Pods... the list is endless. However, the common theme running across these innovations is “Bringing the Best of Outside-In and Inside-Out”.

P&G SOLVE is P&G Indonesia’s innovation program that aims at transforming P&G’s engagement with its External Business Partners to address the company’s needs, thereby creating a collaborative ecosystem with a mindset of “All in to WIN”. This program is supported by Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN).

We are happy to share that P&G Indonesia launches the second batch of P&G SOLVE, that is focusing on manufacturing, digitization, and sustainable technology. With this latest edition, P&G SOLVE 2.0, is inviting suppliers, entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and also academia and university affiliated organizations to join this program.

To ensure valuable connections between P&G Indonesia and the shortlisted participants, the program will include:

Opening Day

A kick-off event with P&G Indonesia to gain better ideas about the challenges. The participant can submit their proposal after learning more about the challenges detail.

1-on-1 Co-Creation Session

An in-depth and hands-on creation process to create the ideal product with experts from P&G Indonesia.

Pitch Day

The participants pitch their business/solutions to P&G Indonesia Board of Directors and earn feedback.

Our Goal

To solve P&G Indonesia’s challenges in Manufacturing and Digitization by using solutions and innovations offered by entrepreneurs and innovators. The chosen innovations will be given opportunities to connect and do collaboration with P&G Indonesia, depending on P&G consideration and further discussion after the Pitch Day in front of P&G Indonesia Jakarta Plant’s Board of Directors.

Who can participate?

We are inviting entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups, suppliers, and innovative problem solvers that provide solutions to Manufacturing and Digitization challenges. We divide the participants into two categories:

What’s in it for you?

Challenge Overview

The challenge will be around manufacturing and digitization.

With smart technology, data analytics, and connected devices, companies and manufacturers are able to boost their efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. As a result of digitalization, products are now manufactured, used, maintained and designed differently, and factories and supply chains are changing their processes and energy footprint.

Selection Criteria

The judging criteria will be based on your potential to disrupt and the compatibility of the proposed innovative solutions with our challenges (problem-solution fit).
Women-owned and women-led businesses are encouraged to apply!

Your solution must meet the following criteria:


Ready to be implemented

The solution should be ready or feasible to be implemented within the next 6-12 months which will be validated during the pitch day.


Articulation and relevance to the problem / Problem-solution fitness

The solution should reflect the challenge’s theme and the overall problem statement. 


Business viability and scalability

The solution should be affordable and scalable to be implemented in the larger scale


Team and partner in Indonesia

You should be able to show track record of partner engagement within the Indonesian market. Ideally, you are also based in Indonesia or have a representative team in Indonesia to execute the solution effectively.