Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Opening day is a one day session that will be held offline, at P&G Jakarta Plant, Karawang, where the P&G Indonesia team will present to you in person the details of the problem statements/ challenges. By the end of this session, we believe you will have a clear understanding about P&G Indonesia’s needs and expectations for the solution. The opening day will also be your opportunity to visit the P&G Jakarta Plant and build your network with the P&G Indonesia team.

You only need to click on the “Register” button on this homepage. After clicking, you will be directed to an email to fill your basic information, then click send. After that, we will reply to your email with further instructions.

Ideally, the ones we invited should have experience and deep knowledge in manufacturing and digitization in technology development and in the market.

Please ensure that you have to be able to attend the event in person because we believe seeing the field directly will help you understand the problem and deliver the solution better. We expect that there will be one person to represent each company or organization with strong technical knowledge of your product / services.

On behalf of the P&G Indonesia, ANGIN will send you an email containing the challenge/problem statement details and information about the next steps, including instructions on how to submit your solution.


The program will consist of Opening Day, 2 Co-creation Sessions, and Pitch Day which is held from September to December 2022.

We are inviting all start-ups, large corporations, innovators, academia and university affiliated organizations within Manufacturing and Digitization with proven experience in the Indonesian market to work hand-in-hand finding a perfectly fit solution to address key challenges in the broad and fast-paced FMCG industry. Relevant participants will be invited to the Opening Day, which is a kick-off event with P&G Indonesia to get to know the detailed challenges better. After Opening Day, you will be required to submit your solution. If your solution is shortlisted, you will be invited to the 1-on-1 Co-creation Session with experts from P&G Indonesia, and prepare yourself to pitch your solutions to the P&G Indonesia Board of Directors.

If you are a startup or established company who has a proven track of delivering solutions within Manufacturing and Digitization, we would like to invite you to register our event in the “Commercial Companies” category. And if you are from a research institution, academia or university affiliated organization, who has potential solutions for Manufacturing and Digitization, you may choose the “Innovator” category.

However, if you think you might fit in both categories, you may choose “I’m not sure” in the Opening day registration form.

You will have an opportunity to collaborate with P&G Indonesia, Proof of Concept and Paid Pilot, as well as strategic networking with a pool of experts from P&G Indonesia. You will also learn to tailor your solution to corporate.


The status of the application will be announced in the My Account page.

One account can only apply for 1 challenge. To apply for another type of challenge,
you must create another account and fill in another application form.